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Sweet & Savoury
Food Fillings Supplier
Since 1995!


About Us

Chuan Leck Food Industries is a manufacturer of sweet or savoury fillings for local bakeries, catering services and confectionery stores. Since 1995, we have helped businesses with new means of minimizing food production labour and cost while helping them launch exciting new flavours.

Food Fillings Available

Find the right filling for you in our extensive list of items. Our fillings are well made and can be used for cooking, baking or as toppings or fillings.

Our Products


How Chuan Lek
Cuts Down Prep time. 

Chuan Leck Food Industries is a manufacturer of sweet and savoury fillings for local bakeries, confectioneries and catering businesses. Since 1995, we have supplied our customers with new means of minimizing food production labour and cost while helping them to launch exciting new flavours.


Through competitive pricing, on-time deliveries and service that listens, we are about quality products at great value. By understanding what you want, we develop our products to be flavourful, easy to use, and suitable for various baking needs ranging from bread to pastry. We are also HACCP and HALAL certified, to cater to all customers with safe and responsible food management.

Trusted Over 20 Years

We started from humble beginnings as a bean fillings manufacturer. Today, we supply more than 30 products to local bakeries island-wide.

Keeping Your Kitchens Stocked

We are not only consistent in taste, but we make sure you receive your products fresh and on time.

Passionate About Food

So you can create new delights that are healthier and tastier, we include your feedback in product development and minimize our use of preservatives.

Safety Through Responsibility

As a people-oriented company, we take food hygiene very seriously. Our products are regularly tested for strict compliance to HACCP regulations.

Innovating & Improving

Today and tomorrow, we make sure each product batch you get is always of great quality or better.

Filling Making Process



From Our Kitchen To Yours

Quality food starts from quality ingredients. Only the freshest, best of raw materials are sourced from reliable suppliers.



Care In Every Stage

From preparation to cooking, we take care along every stage so you receive a delicious product. For example, to make our curry filling, every cooking stage from peeling to slicing and mixing of spices, closely follows our best practices in food safety and quality assurance.





Fresh To Your Doorstep

We use special heat packaging to keep our products fresh when it reaches you. For timely deliveries, we effectively manage our schedule and fleet of delivery trucks

Better Products Better Creation

We minimize using preservatives where we can. To improve and maintain quality standards, we take product testing and customer feedback seriously. Through this process cycle, we continually value-add to our products to serve you better.




Miss M

2 weeks ago

"Great for if you run a bakery! Making my signature char siew brioche buns have never been easier and the red bean paste is so good for dessert stuffings like home made tang yuan. Tried the chicken floss and kids love it with their porridge and meals."


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Block 15 Woodlands Loop #02-53/54 & #03-61

Singapore 738322

Tel : +65 6481 1227

Fax : +65 6257 6869


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